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Frequently Asked Questions

What Internet browsers are supported?

Most modern browsers are supported with general MyWellesley functionality. Individual applications inside of MyWellesley may have a more restricted list of supported browsers.


Which username and password should I use to access MyWellesley? How can I find out what my MyWellesley password is? Should extra care be taken with my Wellesley domain username and password?
Yes, once you are logged into MyWellesley you will have automatic access to additional Wellesley software applications, for example Google Apps and Banner Self-Service. If someone were to have access to your Wellesley domain username and password, they could login into MyWellesley and have automatic access to your email and other data.

How can I get my MyWellesley password reset? What if I get a Failed Login, username/password pair not found error message?

Applicants Students, Faculty, and Staff Which username and password should I use to sign in for Class Registration?
Students should use their MyWellesley username and password. If you have trouble logging into Class Registration, try again after logging in and out of MyWellesley (using the Sign in to MyWellesley box above Class Registration.)

Are the username and password case sensitive?

Automatic Timeouts - MyWellesley and Banner Self-Service

How long can I stay logged into MyWellesley without being active?
Generally, you can stay logged in for 3 hours. You will receive a warning message before the 3 hour limit. Classroom computers have a 30 minutes timeout.

What is Luminis?

What is Luminis?
Luminis is the portal software system that we use to build MyWellesley. Some error messages and documentation refer to the system as Luminis.

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